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Sites of Conscience

In many countries of the world, secret prisons, checkpoints, places of detention and torture are hidden and even their traces are destroyed. In fact, the memory of the victims of serious human rights violations in these sites, especially women and girls, is marginalized. Certainly,erasing this past / present, will prevent new generations from appropriating their Collective
Memory and drawing important lessons from their past, so as not to repeat what happened and offer opportunities to build a future based on values ​​of justice and human rights.
To do this, the Human Rights Center for Memory and Archives, as a member of the International Coalition of Sites of Consciousness, seeks through this website to set up a virtual museum based on:
  • Mapping places of detention and torture;
Valuing the memory of victims of serious human rights violations, in particular,among women and girls.

Moulay Bouaaza events : 1973

Fadma OuKhlef
Ait Lahcen Wassaid Boijman
Khenifra Province
arrested for 9 months
Laajini  Fatima
Ait Lahcen and Said Boijman
Khenifra Province
Arrested Khenifra Army Barracks (8 months)
Meknes (more than 9 months)
Khenifra, again (a few days)
Fadma Yetto Aasil
Ait Lahcen and Said Boijman
Khenifra Province
Arrested 7 months and 10 days Khenifra (2 months and 10 days)
She was released, to be re-arrested after the execution of her brother
 5 additional months Aseel Ahmed, known as "Hadido"
Fadma Ouharfou
Arrested eight (8) days
Meha Itto
Dawar Al Basha, Al Kaida, Ajlmous
Khenifra Province
Arrested Khenifra (20 days)
Moulay Bouazza (10 days)
Fes (about 5 months)
N'Jaati Rabha
Ait Lahcen and Said Boijman
Khenifra Province
Arrested 4 months

Political tensions to women in the seventies

Saida EL Mnbh

Fatna El Bouih

Maria Zéouini

Memories of the women of the Rif mountains

Site of Conscience

Dar elmoukri2
Dar elmokri

Dar elmokri was no ordinary home in the district of Riad in Rabat known today as Al Yossoufia. It was rather a luxurious castle laid over an area of 8722 square meter.

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The name Tazmamart was of great fame. It was mentioned in many international reports. Many media incorporations shed light on it as one of the worst centers of confidential detention all over the world.

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Derb Moulay Cherif - Façade
Darb Moulay Shrif

Darb Moulay Shrif lies in Hay Al-Mohammadi District, ex-Karian Central, in Casablanca. On the basis of the fact that the fabric of the thick populace of rural origins that used to populate the district, and of the impeding resistance against French colonialism ...

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The visitor of the confidential jail in Agdez would find himself face to face to a building all suggestive of luxury, power and prosperity in addition to the charms of the architectural designs prevailing in the Moroccan South west.

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Dar Bricha
Dar Berisha

Dar Brisha was on a hill over Mhennesh River in Tetoun in Nothern Morocco. It s a building of an old architectural design composed of a dome, a ground floor in addition to two upper floors. It was surrounded by a garden. 

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Kalaat Meggouna

90 km off to the South-East of Ouarzazat city, more exactly in Kalaat Meggouna, a huge rock attracts the attention of the passers-by. The rock stands on a hill setting apart two contradicting things: The Sizif Rock, a symbol of mischief and a natural balcony on a panaromic view on the valley of roses and palms stretching all through Meggouna River.

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